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Our Company

  • How we began

    Amani Afrika was founded in 2007 by Godwin Temba, a native Tanzanian. After working many years as a mountain guide and a safari guide himself, Temba felt that something was missing from how big tour companies handle businesses – personalized service that is tailored to each individual traveller’s needs and wants. Since changing hands from the overseas booking agent who answers your emails, to the ground handler who receives your payment, to the host who would pick you up from the airport (if there is one), to the various lodges who would accommodate you in Africa and the guide who is the ultimate determinant of whether you will have the best time of your life or otherwise, those promises made to you 3 email forwards and few Anglo-Swahili whispers ago had long been forgotten. Surely, internet has given consumers the power to choose and buy virtually anything directly from sellers more than a decade ago by cutting out the middlemen. Why should Africa travel be any different?

    Parting with 50 cents to buy ugali and dagaa on one hand and $2000 to register the business on the other, waiving goodbye to the sanity that tells him that he is being a kichaa who will be starving for the next 10 years 11 months and 10 days, Temba did not look back and Amani Afrika was born.

    Bespoke East Africa travel specialist for the Free Independent Travellers – that is Amani Afrika!
  • Affiliations

    We are a licensed Tanzanian tour operator with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) with TALA license number 61872. We are also a member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and a subscriber to the AMREF Flying Doctors.
  • On the Road

    Hong Kong

    Chinese Africa Safari Tour

    Hong Kong In December 2012, Temba travelled to Hong Kong to meet with various travel industry experts to learn about how Chinese tourists travel. While Chinese tourists travelling to Kenya for safaris is not a new concept, hosting Chinese tourists in Tanzania where the migration animals stay for 10 months of the year (in the Serengeti) is still an emerging market. Learning about their spending patterns, accommodation preferences, cultural differences and travel wants is a big help in designing tailored-made itineraries for these keen travellers who love to explore and discover while on holidays.

    Toronto, Canada

    Canada Africa Safari Tour

    The Outdoor Adventure Show is held in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary every year. The show is Canada’s largest showcase of outdoor gear and adventure travel experiences. Exhibitors from all over Canada, U.S. and other countries gather to interact with adventure & travel enthusiasts and share knowledge. Some celebrities also make a special guest appearance at the show, such as Adam van Koeverden, an Olympic and world champion sprint kayaker who has successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012, and Les Stroud, host of the Discovery Channel television series Survivorman (a similarly themed series as the popular Man vs. Wild hosted by Bear Grylls). In February 2012, Amani Afrika made its appearance in Toronto! Many international tourism boards as well as Tanzania National Parks were there. Did you visit Amani Afrika’s Photo Booth?

    Sydney, Australia

    Australia Africa Safari Tour

    G’Day Australia! Mambo vipi? Amani Afrika is Down Under for its first Adventure Travel Expo! The Adventure Travel Expo is held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane every year. It is attended by local and international travellers who are looking for their next adventure in Australia or abroad, be it bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, four-wheel driving, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, rockclimbing, abseiling or caving. Why not mountain climbing?

Our Values

  • Open, honest communication

    When you are travelling abroad to a foreign place you are not familiar with, you would like to receive sound advice and warm hospitality from someone you can trust. While your heart is filled with boundless excitement, your mind may be filled with endless questions. What is the best safari itinerary for August? How about traveling in December? Where will the migration animals be? Which safari camp offers the nicest views? How about the best service? Do the tented camps have en-suite toilets? Can we charge our cameras? What food can we expect to have? Do you cater for vegetarian? How about gluten-free? Which aircraft will we be flying on? Do you know the model number? How can we get the most out of our holiday without having to spend a fortune? Can we pay in Euros? Can we get our visas on arrival? Do you provide emergency air ambulance cover? Do you join groups? Do you place a mileage cap on your game drives? Do your safari guides speak German? Can you take us to a local restaurant? What should we pack? Are your mountain guides licensed? Can you help us rent hiking gears? Do you provide oxygen for our Kilimanjaro climb?

    With Amani Afrika, no question is left unanswered. We are here to listen and to help you plan your trip just the way you want it to be. We establish trust via our open, honest communication with you so you’d feel that you already know us before you arrive.

  • Professional, quality service

    At Amani Afrika, we care.

    We care that you will be warm enough on the mountain. We care that you will eat well during your climb. We care that you will have a comfortable safari vehicle and a knowledgeable guide so you can stay out all day if you wish and enjoy your game drives. We care about your well-being and safety. We care that you are having a good time here and if you are not feeling 100% about something, we better make it right before you leave.

    Africa is our home. Customer service is our business. Serving you at our home is our pleasure.

    Sometimes, when you are travelling, there are things that are simply out of your control: bad weather, industrial strikes, airport closures, flight delays or cancellations, luggage left behind in transit, falling ill while on holiday… While it would be nice to have the perfect holiday where everything is smooth sailing, don’t let the unexpected ruin your holiday.

    Our phones are on 24/7. Your flight is not landing in Arusha Airport but re-routed to Kilimanjaro Airport? Sure, give us a call so we can inform our driver about the changed pickup location while you are still in Dar es Salaam. Your airline has left your bag behind in Amsterdam? Sure, we will pick it up for you from the airport when it arrives tomorrow. You are not feeling well while on safari? Pole! Please alert your driver so we can have the AMREF Flying Doctors on stand-by.

    This is what quality, professional service means. We are here. We are your ground handler and travel planner whom you communicated with while you were doing research on your computer at home. You know exactly whom you are dealing with and who will be taking care of you while you are here.

    Integrity and continuity of service – that is the Amani Afrika promise!

  • Ethical company

    Being ethical means different things to different people. What does being an ethical company in Tanzania mean?

    Is serving clients on a Kilimanjaro trek white-yolk eggs from chemically grown caged chickens ethical?

    Is providing one meal of ugali a day for porters who carry 20kg+ luggage up the mountain ethical?

    Is bribing a park ranger so a company only needs to hire 4 porters to carry 120kg of luggage to cut down costs ethical?

    Is hiring only one guide and one assistant to lead 8-15 trekkers who were joined together in a group, leaving some exhausted, oxygen-depleted bodies behind on their summit attempt ethical?

    Is sheltering the whole crew including guide, cook and 10 porters in the mess tent clients dine in ethical? How about asking guides to bring their own tent and docking their salaries for food supplied on the mountain?

    Don’t take it for granted that all companies pay proper wages, or even pay wages at all. Some companies do not actually pay their guides anything. This prompts the underpaid/unpaid mountain guides to scavenge money any way they can, including collecting bribes from porters. Yes, porters who are earning less than $5 a day need to pay bribes to get recruited.

    While some companies strive to get recognized by associations or initiatives for the sake of promotion, we take a serious approach to provide the best working conditions for our guides and porters. And in order to maintain our high standards, we have a strict code of conduct that our employees need to adhere to. Employees are immediately dismissed upon conviction over a serious misconduct.

    Being an ethical company to us means a lot more than paying a fair wage. It is about taking care of the Amani Afrika family. We cover for any medical expenses arising from injuries while our crew is at work. We provide quality camping equipment not only for our clients, but also for our crew. We provide proper nourishment for anyone who journeys with us – crew and clients alike. We do not hire sub-contractors and operate all our mountain climbs ourselves. This is to ensure that no middlemen will take a cut of the money that goes towards food and supplies, or take a shortcut approach on equipment handling. We take great strides to ensure that every aspect of your trip is handled with care.

    We have an excellent reputation in the industry because we do not cut corners. You can be rest assured that your money will go to where it belongs. Our Kilimanjaro climbs and safaris are priced according to the level of service we provide. In fact, many travellers consider that we provide unmatched value for the prices they pay as we routinely exceed their expectations.

  • Sustainable Tourism

    What is sustainable tourism? According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), sustainable tourism is tourism that “meets the needs of present visitors host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future”.

    We actively practise the principles of sustainable tourism because we believe that the livelihood of our future generations depends on how we live and play now.

    We respect the natural and cultural values of our land and people. We are a 100% locally owned company that is committed to invest in the local community and economy.

    We include visits to the Maasai, Iraqw, Chagga, Datoga and Hadzabe tribes in our itineraries to enrich the experience of travellers and benefit the indigenous people directly from the cultural exchanges.

    We bring travellers to visit local homes and eat at local restaurants so they will have an authentic travel experience like no other.

    We respect the habitat of wildlife and do not allow our drivers to go off-road in national parks during game drives.

    We value the conservation of environment by reducing the use of plastics on Mt Kilimanjaro.

    We include mobile tented camps in our itineraries where possible, as they blend in better with nature and have lower impact on the environment.

    We strictly prohibit our crew to use kerosene for cooking. We use energy from renewable resources where possible. We have replaced battery-operated torches with WakaWaka solar lights on our Mt Kilimanjaro climbs.

    We keep our fleet of safari Land Cruisers updated to be more fuel-efficient in order to reduce carbon emissions.

    We organize eco-tours to Tarangire National Park and Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in collaboration with the EcoScience Centre to offer an in-depth educational experience for students interested in the natural, social, historic and ecological features of Tanzania.

    We advocate and raise awareness to stop developments that would have significant economic and environmental impact to our World Heritage Sites such as the construction of a Serengeti Highway. We do not assist in organizing hunting or spear-fishing trips as animal cruelty is contrary to Amani Afrika – “peace in Africa”.

    In order to maintain this level of commitment towards our ethical and sustainable practices, we need your support.

  • Socially responsible travel

    When going abroad, many travellers are looking for an experience that is not only fun-filled, but one that is meaningful to themselves and those they have met along the way. Socially responsible travel is about giving back to the local communities where you have visited.

    Amani Afrika is a strong supporter of such initiatives.

    In December 2012, we sponsored 3 British students on a charity climb up Mt Kilimanjaro during their gap year for which they have successfully raised £5000 for Mvumi School near Dodoma.

    Last year, we took 2 families with young children to visit Living Water Children Centre where they have distributed books and pencils they brought with them from Hong Kong to the boys and girls there.

    Since inception, Amani Afrika has been donating a portion of its proceeds to SIChildren, a charitable organization created by Amani Afrika to support local children. All travellers with Amani Afrika will not only have set foot in Tanzania, they will also be leaving a footprint that will stay in Tanzania for generations to come.

    Are you ready to travel with a difference? Would you like to volunteer with SIChildren? Send us an email on

Our Directors

Meet Vivian and Godwin Temba

Amani Afrika is a fully licensed local tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer private Kilimanjaro climbs, great migration safaris, gorilla tracking tours and Zanzibar holidays to free independent travellers who prefer custom-made itineraries to set group tours. The boutique company is run by the husband-and-wife team: Vivian and Godwin Temba. Godwin, the founder of the company, is in charge of operations, while his wife, Vivian, looks after sales & marketing. Want to know more about us? Read the Amani Afrika story.
Vivian and Godwin Temba