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Amani Afrika Community Outreach Project 2018

Each year, Amani Afrika selects a group of people in the community that could lead a better life with a bit of help. This year, we are focusing on girls.

Did you know that menstruation is still a tabooed subject in Tanzania? Most girls never receive proper information about menstrual hygiene, and have no idea how to handle menses. With little access to sanitary napkins, they use rags, leaves, old mattress stuffings to help manage their periods, which can lead to medical complications, resulting in high drop-out rates and a very poor quality of life.

For the week of October 22-29, 2018, the Amani Afrika team, together with Nicole Finseth – a visiting Registered Nurse from Canada, will be traveling to primary and secondary schools in the Longido and Monduli areas, distributing hygiene kits with reusable menstrual pads, and educating girls on puberty and reproductive health. We are planning to distribute 1200 kits to girls in schools and orphanages in rural areas 1.5-2.5 hours away from Arusha.


Here is how you can help!

Each of the hygiene kit costs USD$7.50, CAD$10.00, AUD$11.00 or TZS17,000. For a donation of $50, you will be supporting 4-6 girls who are in need of basic sanitary supplies, but do not have the means to acquire them on their own. The pads are reusable upon washing, and are designed to last for 3 years. Not only will you be supporting the girls, you will also be supporting the local women who sew for a living.


Reusable Menstrual Pads

Each Hygiene Kit contains 2 shields, 8 inserts, 2 pairs of underwear, a wash cloth, a bar soap and an instruction leaflet.


We have made the contribution process very easy for you, by offering 4 different ways to donate, in 4 different currencies.

For Americans, you can donate in USD:

For Canadians, you can donate in CAD:…/…/amani-africa-period-project/

For Australians, you can donate in AUD:…/amani-afrika-community-outreach-proje…

For Tanzanians, you can donate in TZS by sending us your donations via MPesa to +255754037897.

The great news for our North American friends is that if you donate via the CanadaHelps Days for Girls page or the GoFundMe Empower Tanzania 501(c)3 page, you will receive tax receipts for your donations made.

And for all others, we would suggest that you contribute via the page as it does not charge us any platform fees, which means we will get to keep 100% of the funds raised. Will you join us on this mission? And can you help us spread the word by encouraging your family and friends to join?

Support girls. They are the future mothers and guardians of our land.


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