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I seriously can’t say enough good things about our team from Amani Afrika; they were the reason we all made it up and down [Kilimanjaro] safely. From the start, it was clear that Temba, the head of the company, is committed to doing things the right way. Our equipment was top-notch all around, from the highest-grade sleeping bags and tents to hiking poles, ensuring that we were as warm and comfortable as possible during the climb. Amani also hired a large team (2 guides + 14 porters), which is a big deal considering the fact that this is a big determinant on how loaded your team is (lighter loads = happier crew = happier climbers) and that many other companies mistreat their crews. Our two guides Zawadi and Merinyo were always professional, making sure the pace was appropriate for everybody and constantly vigilant for signs of altitude sickness. And on the brutal summit day/night, some members of the crew basically carried a guy from our party who was suffering from bad altitude sickness down the perilous descent. Seriously could not have asked for more from these guys, and my only regret regarding the company is selfishly not giving my shoes to a crew member at the end.

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