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Elie Wolf

Wondering About Returning

Since I returned I was published by National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer. I LOVED the Serengeti. That felt like home to my soul. My experience with Amani Afrika was unbeatable, and given the chance to repeat it, I'd LOVE to!

Elie W.

Well Taken Care Of

We met the 17 people in charge of getting us up and down the mountain at Machame Camp. The sheer number enlisted in support for two may sound excessive, but carrying basic shelter, bedding, food for three solid meals each day, plus cooking equipment and safety kits is no small task. Amani Afrika doesn’t cut corners or comforts, particularly regarding food. We even witnessed our own well-fed team quietly offering extra food and tea to other porters in need.

Tanveer B.

Defying Kilimanjaro Sized Odds

Temba has successfully summited Africa’s tallest mountain over 200 times, and one time climbed up and down Kilimanjaro in 24 hours. Fair pay and safe working conditions have porters vying for the chance to work with Amani. Fortunately, Augustino and Ernest (deaf youths from the vocational training workshops Temba runs) solidified their place on Amani’s team and became the company’s most sought-after porters.

Stephanie V.
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