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Meet Vivian & Godwin Temba


Our Story

After having experienced the hardship of life as a young man who grew up in a small village, Godwin Temba was determined that he would lead a life of his own choosing. He believes that no one is destined to be poor, as each person is endowed with special talents. The energy to be spent on lamenting over what one does not have is best spent on going after what one can achieve. Living by his philosophy with unyielding optimism, Godwin Temba founded Amani Afrika in 2007, with no investments but his own savings from working as a mountain guide and safari guide. Having no computing skills and little English, Godwin managed to build Amani Afrika’s first website after spending a year at an internet café, absorbing everything that everyone was kind enough to share with him. Eventually, Godwin saved up enough to buy a laptop and never looked back since.

Not only has Amani Afrika brought him the means to sustain his everyday life, and to support the families of all his fellow workers he built the company with, Amani Afrika has also brought Godwin his wife,  Vivian, who traveled to Tanzania in 2010, because her friend had decided to travel with Amani Afrika and took her along.

Amani Afrika is now a family-run business. Under the direction of Vivian and Godwin Temba, Amani Afrika has built a solid reputation in the industry thanks to its dynamic team of safari guides, mountain guides, cooks and porters!

Amani Afrika is able to maintain its level of service because of Godwin and Vivian’s unyielding commitment to excellence. No group tours. No set itineraries. No cutting corners. Amani Afrika is a boutique tour operator that serves discerning travelers who are looking for a private tour with personalized service that is second to none.

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What is behind the name Amani Afrika?

Amani Afrika means “peace for Africa” in Swahili, a name chosen by Godwin Temba and a group of volunteers in Tanzania who believed that freedom and harmony can be achieved by working, not in a self-centered way, but for the whole human family — working towards common good with all the brothers and sisters around you. Nowhere else on Mt Kilimanjaro would you find a porter who is happier than the Amani Afrika team!

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Godwin Temba, Owner and Director of Operations

Temba_DSC01916-01-resizedGodwin Temba grew up in rural Tanzania. As a way to make a living after moving to Arusha, Godwin worked as a porter on Mt Kilimanjaro. Receiving less than the minimum wage stipulated by the Kilimanjaro National Park authority, and carrying up to 40kg of luggage at times when not enough porters were hired, Godwin wished that companies would genuinely consider the well-being of porters. After saving enough money to pay for tuition fees at tourism colleges, Godwin received his qualifications, and worked as a mountain guide and a safari guide for various companies. Having experienced firsthand the unfair working conditions imposed by the companies he worked for, he was determined to do things differently on his own. To Godwin, it is crucial that each member feels that he is part of the Amani Afrika family and being well looked after. Godwin’s vision is to offer happy adventures for staff and clients alike. With this attitude in mind, Amani Afrika was born.

As owner and founder of Amani Afrika, Godwin Temba leads the company with consummate passion. Godwin always does his very best to accommodate each client’s requests, and to anticipate the needs of each client even before the requests are made. As Director of Operations, Godwin Temba ensures that all aspects of the tours are well being taken care of and that clients’ satisfaction always remains the top priority.

Nothing is ever too much for Godwin Temba. His motto is: “There is always a way”!

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Vivian Lo, Cheerleader and Director of Sales & Marketing

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Vivian is in charge of the sales, finance, public relations and communications of the company.Vivian_DSC02833-resized

Vivian has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, but none of those degrees prepared her for a life in Africa. After splitting her time between Canada, the U.S. and Australia, designing algorithms for a brain-computer interface device and calibrating instruments used in mine sites, Vivian moved to Tanzania to join Godwin in 2012, working as the coordinator of Support for Indigenous Children, a non-profit organization that Godwin founded alongside Amani Afrika. Vivian became a part of the Amani Afrika family in 2014, after Godwin gently asked her to help with developing Amani Afrika’s website, then social media, then sales, then marketing… with his pleading puppy eyes and unwavering charm that persuaded her to be a part of his life.

Vivian loves how she fits right into her role, where she can apply her experience as a traveler herself, to connect with people from all around the world. She enjoys the challenges of having a multifaceted role, and the role that she cannot part with is being the cheerleader of the company!

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Manka and Chacha, Chief Guide & Head of Security

Manka-and-Chacha-DSC00802-resizedManka and Chacha joined Amani Afrika in 2012, and have received much recognition for their work.

As the Chief Guide of Amani Afrika, Manka leads the team with zealous energy, lending her relentless support day and night. She also serves to remind her fellow workmates that the best quality in a guide is his ability to listen very carefully to those who need guidance and support. Being a guide, after all, is about attending to fellow troopers and being attuned to their needs.

As the Head of Security at our Arusha office, Chacha serves to protect not only his fellow workmates, but also all the camping and mountain gears in the storeroom, making sure that no stranger would come close to laying a hand on Amani Afrika’s top-notch equipment.