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Safety is always our priority for all our tours. Our Kilimanjaro mountain guides and safari driver guides are trained in wilderness first aid, and they are there to assist you, shall any mishaps happen. Mountain trekking and wildlife safaris are, well, wild, in nature and there are inherent risks for undertaking these activities.

For example, climbing Kilimanjaro involves backpacking, camping, hiking and rock climbing. These activities involve risks and hazards, including, among others, the following: those associated with travelling and camping in mountainous terrain; exposure to natural elements, such as heat, UV rays, extreme cold, snow, sleet and rain, falling rocks, slippery surfaces; river crossings; lack of oxygen due to high altitude; accidents or illness in remote places which may be many hours or days away from medical facilities. These risks and hazards outlined above and others are inherent in the mountain trekking trip to be undertaken and cannot be eliminated.

While we do not expect that you will get trampled by an irritated elephant, gored by a cranky rhino or become dinner for a hungry leopard, slips and falls may happen following a misstep while walking on the campground. Hence, it is imperative that adequate insurance be taken out prior to embarking on such an adventure! offers insurance that covers safari tours and trekking up to 6000 metres in its standard plan. If you are planning to include other activities in your safari trip, such as hot air ballooning, also offers an explorer plan for higher level of coverage. You can read about the list of adventure activities covered.

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